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Low GL Recipes – Coconut Rice

Quick, easy and delicious coconut rice to accompany salmon or chicken dishes.

Trail running. How and where to start?

Looking to try something new and give trail running a go?

Low GL Recipes – Individual Berry Cheesecake

Who doesn't love a cheeky little something sweet every now and then? Serves: 2 - 5 GLs per serving The base of this cheesecake uses chopped fruit and nuts for a much lower GL score. An easy to prepare pudding that can be made in advance. It is both...

An inspirational interview with Omaima Mohammad discussing the challenges, stigma & cultural hurdles she faced when losing weight

An inspirational interview with Omaima Mohammad (47 at the time of the interview) where she talks inspirationally about the challenges, stigmas, social constructs and cultural hurdles she faced when she decided to lose weight in April 2016. 

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Brighten the Skin

When ‘lockdown’ first started, it seemed we had all the time in the world. No rushing from here to there trying to fit in your ‘everything’ (Apologies if you are homeschooling...no offence intended).  However, as life carries on in these strange...