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Why it’s good to come last sometimes

Chip timers and online results can add real pressure to race day, but here’s why you should embrace your ranking whether you’re on the podium or at the back. Sometimes when I’m racing, it feels like I’m flying. You know that sense that your...

Alice Morrision – BBC Breakfast Interview on her Sahara Expedition

Alice Morrison - Adventurer, TV Presenter, Journalist and Author, who has written for RunBodyRun about her interesting and inspiring story to change her life, has given an interview on BBC breakfast to talk about exploring and in particular her...

Low GL Recipes – Mixed Berry Fool

Mixed Berry Fool Serves: 2 - 4 GLs per serving Ingredients: 500g fresh berries (e.g. strawberries, blackberries, raspberries or blueberries) 1 large sliced banana 150g low-fat Greek yoghurt 2 tbsp xylitol/agave syrup A few mint leaves Directions:...

Low GL Recipes – Super Speedy Tuna

Super Speedy Tuna Serves: 2 - 7 GLs per serving Ingredients: 2 fresh tuna steaks 1 small jar of tomato pasta sauce (check not high sugar) A squeeze of lemon juice 1/2 tbsp olive oil Black pepper to taste 160g aduki beans (can buy these frozen) or...

Can holistic facials improve your wellbeing?

What are holistic facials and how can they improve your wellbeing? We live in a society that so often triggers feelings of anxiety, depression and low self-worth. Our faces tend to reveal what is happening inside the body - so when we’re stressed,...

What is it about running, that improves our mental health?

It wouldn’t surprise any of you if I told you that physical activity is one of the most commonly recommended natural remedies for stress, anxiety and depression. But what is it about running, in particular, that improves our mental health? When you...

TV Presenter, Alice Morrison ‘A New Life’

In this Exclusive for RunBodyRun, Adventurer and TV Presenter, Alice Morrison tells us about how she changed the direction of her life as she hit her landmark fiftieth birthday. She took a big risk, embarking on something that was above her reach...

Mito Food Recipes – Avocado Lime Soup

Avocado Lime Soup Makes 6 servings (1 serving ≈ 1 cup) ¼ cup fresh lime juice (juice of 2 limes) 1½ cup cucumber chunks 1 stalk celery 6 leaves Romaine lettuce 1 avocado ¼ cup fresh cilantro 2 cups of water ½ teaspoon of sea salt ½ teaspoon cumin...

Low GL Recipes – Mediterranean Frittata

Mediterranean Frittata Serves: 2 - 2 GLs per serving - 7 GLs with a large salad A slice of this from the fridge also makes a quick and easy snack. 6 omega eggs, lightly beaten & seasoned with low sodium salt and black pepper 115g feta cheese,...

Mito Food Recipes – Green Tea Poached Cod

Green Tea Poached Cod Makes 4 servings 3 cups brewed green tea 1 small red onion, very thinly sliced 2 cups cherry tomatoes, halved, divided 1 red or orange bell pepper, thinly sliced 3 sprigs fresh tarragon or basil, plus extra for garnish ¼...


To achieve optimal performance in any part of your life, you need your brain on board. Only then can you achieve ‘flow’ that magical zone where mind and body are in perfect, effortless harmony. Read on to learn tips and tricks for taming and training your thoughts.


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Navigating your way through the world of nutrition can be daunting, but our experts cut through the noise with sensible, tried and trusted advice that will keep your body and mind running at their peak. And yes, before you ask, wine and chocolate will get a look in.


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