Run Body Run

Rochelle Bell

Massage Therapist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach. 

 Hi, I’m Rochelle and the founder of Run Body Run.

As a qualified massage therapist and CBT coach, my aim is to support you when you want to improve physical and mental health, reduce stress which can create long term health. I believe in a holistic approach that balances our mind and body and allows us to fulfil our physical and emotional needs.

My professional path began when I became a sports massage therapist. My fascination with the connection between mind and body lead me to gain a degree in Sports Psychology followed by a postgraduate certificate in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

I am also a mental health first aider and after being inspired during my volunteering with a dedicated centre for anyone affected by cancer, I have recently completed my Oncology massage certification.


I moved to the UK from the States back in the mid 80’s and it was like landing in a different world. My new beginning was so exciting but on the flip side it was also an ending.  Leaving behind my family, my friends, my cat and my job to move to a new country was tough. At times I felt lonely or anxious and I had to learn how to deal with those feelings.

Despite the fact that I had never even contemplated throwing on a pair of sneakers and popping out for a run before, running somehow became my therapy.  Running, particularly in Nature, opened my eyes to the relationship between my physical and emotional state. I discovered that exercise helped to lift my moods, reduce my stress and banish the negative thoughts.

My personal journey has lead me to complete numerous Ultra-Trail runs, covering distances of up to 250km over a few days, introducing me to strength training and developing my understanding of the importance of good nutrition.

16 years ago, my interest in our bodies and our well-being lead me to train as a massage therapist. Over the years, I have seen so many clients arrive at their appointments physically and mentally exhausted due to illness, work, sporting performance or that awful feeling of ‘overwhelm’.

My massage practice allows me to tailor a treatment to meet your individual needs, taking into account your physical and mental state. I combine trigger point therapy, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and relaxation techniques to create a holistic treatment and nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing my clients leave feeling both physically and mentally rejuvenated. 

Qualifications:  LSSM, BSc Honours Sports Psy, PG Cert CBT
Member: BPS, CHP, CNHC.