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Our Mission

At RunBodyRun, keeping mind, body and fuel working together in harmony is essential to help us achieve our chosen goals; whether it’s an athletic performance, running our own businesses, or living a less stressed everyday life, we like to keep it simple. Our aim is to provide information to help keep your body running: physically, mentally and emotionally.

We don’t see age, gender, race or ability. All we see is people who want simplicity, and that means you are one of the family.

We understand that in this insanely busy world, crammed full of too much choice; simplicity is a virtue. We offer tried and tested advice that is easy to understand and to follow.

RunbodyRun offers you 30 years of knowledge, experience, encouragement and inspiration.

You may be at the beginning of a fitness journey, a runner who runs for the joy of it or wants to pursue the podium, or you may just need information on living a simpler life. We are here to help you achieve those goals by sharing our in-depth expertise in sports psychology, strength training, nutrition, and pampering.

Join us, read our experts’ advice, use our comprehensive directory and we will have you always putting your best foot forward, again, and again, and again.

RunBodyRun: Hit your stride.

Sometimes we may read articles that bring up unexpected emotions and/or feelings that may be a little overwhelming.

If you ever have that happen to you and feel a little alone, you could always get in touch with the Samaritans  24/7.   Another valuable resource is

They are there to give support.

And you can give back yours. There are always fundraising events going on throughout the year. Here are a small selection of activities you can get involved with this year:

Rough Runner 5K – click here for dates and locations
Rough Runner 15K – click here for dates and locations
Spartan Sprint Race – click here for dates and locations
Brighton Marathon – click here for dates and locations
London Marathon – click here for more information


A friend told me about Back Up Trust, a UK charity founded in 1986 and I’d like to draw your attention to it. It certainly caught mine! Back up exists to transform the lives of everyone affected by spinal cord injury. Besides delivering a range of services to build confidence and independence back into people’s lives, it offers a support network when it is needed most. It also means challenging perceptions of disability – that life with spinal cord injury can be a full and active one.

I get moments when I’m in an event or race, and wonder ‘WHY’ am I doing this??? I think: “I’ve woken up between 1 and 6am. I’m cold, I’m hot, I want coffee,  I cross fingers my foot won’t hurt and I don’t get lost, I could be at home.” As I’m moving along, I see wheelchair competitors, I’m filled with admiration because of the determination and the keep moving forward mindset.

I’m excited to get involved with Back Up events to raise funds and bring awareness to this charity and its work. How fantastic is it to help make someone’s life return to ‘full and active!?’ It’ll be great!

Why not get involved with their half marathon in 2020?
29th March – London Landmarks Half Marathon click here to find out more. 

Please do click here to read about Back Up. It is really special 🙂 Thanks!


The Mulberry Centre is a cancer charity that supports anyone affected by cancer. All the services they offer are free of charge.

The centre isn’t funded through the NHS, Central or Local Government so in order to keep our doors open we need support from volunteers!

We can make a difference by spreading the word, fundraising, volunteering, or making a one-off donation.

I volunteered for the centre previously for two years providing holistic massage for patients and their carers. It was so rewarding that I will be working with them again from Spring 2020.

If you would like to get involved and show your support in any way, please visit their website to find out more.