To achieve optimal performance in any part of your life, you need your brain on board. Only then can you achieve ‘flow’ that magical zone where mind and body are in perfect, effortless harmony. Read on to learn tips and tricks for taming and training your thoughts.


Whether you want a place on a podium, killer abs or just enough energy to keep up with your kids in the park, RBR will fine tune your fitness plan. We’ll help you run faster and for longer, build muscle and beat injury, and most of all, make sure you have fun doing it!


Navigating your way through the world of nutrition can be daunting, but our experts cut through the noise with sensible, tried and trusted advice that will keep your body and mind running at their peak. And yes, before you ask, wine and chocolate will get a look in.


Guaranteed to silence your own ‘saboteur monkey mind’. Gritty real personal stories of challenge, courage and determination will inspire and motivate you to overcome your own personal obstacles whether they be physical, psychological, or both.

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Looking to try something new and give trail running a go?

Low GL Recipes – Individual Berry Cheesecake

Who doesn't love a cheeky little something sweet every now and then? Serves: 2 - 5 GLs per serving The base of this cheesecake uses chopped fruit and nuts for a much lower GL score. An easy to prepare pudding that can be made in advance. It is both...

Interview with Omaima Mohammad

OMAIMA's JOURNEY:  Omaima Mohammad (47 at the time of the interview) talks inspirationally about the challenges, stigmas, social constructs and cultural hurdles she faced when she decided to lose weight in April 2016.  She explains how through...

How to Reduce Puffy Eyes and Brighten the Skin

When ‘lockdown’ first started, it seemed we had all the time in the world. No rushing from here to there trying to fit in your ‘everything’ (Apologies if you are homeschooling...no offence intended).  However, as life carries on in these strange...

Is your body ready to run….really ready?

I introduced myself to strength and conditioning coach, Keith Downer (of The Natural Movement Studio) when I walked, or, more like hobbled into his gym 3 days after completing The Race to the Stones.