Who doesn’t love a cheeky little something sweet every now and then?

Serves: 2 – 5 GLs per serving

The base of this cheesecake uses chopped fruit and nuts for a much lower GL score. An easy to prepare pudding that can be made in advance. It is both filling and delicious and can also be used as one of your 5 GLs snacks!

21g chopped walnuts or pecans (use other nuts if preferred)
4 dried apricots

198g very low-fat plain cream cheese
2 tbsp lemon juice zest of 1/2 lemon
3 tsp xylitol

2 tbsp fresh berries (raspberries, blueberries or blackberries)

1. Place nuts and apricots in a small blender and process until broken into small pieces. Press into the bottom of 2 ramekin dishes and chill.
2. In a bowl, add the lemon juice to the xylitol and stir to allow the granules to dissolve.
3. Mix the dissolved xylitol and lemon juice and zest into the cream cheese until smooth and thoroughly combined, then spoon into the prepared ramekins.
4. Scatter the berries on the top of each ramekin and chill until ready to serve.


Monica Durigon | Nutritional Therapist
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