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Huw Williams AKA The Welsh Wine Runner, Nations Sweet Heart and any other self-given title, started running in 2013 because there was nothing good on the telly!

His first race was the Conway Half Marathon that year and he was beaten by a man dressed up as a Darlek, since then he has gone on to race in Marathon, Ultra Marathons and even the Sahara desert! Over a pint with a friend they set up the local running club in Pwllheli Llamwyr Llyn Striders and have so far seen over 100 locals successfully complete the NHS couch to 5k.

Huw is, Race Director of the Pen Llyn Ultra Marathons and has already seen runners coming to take part from as far afield as France, Norway and Israel!

Huw signed up for the Marathon Des Sables 2017 to raise awareness and funds for the charity Scope. Various fundraising events saw a treadmill marathon in the Scope Shop, A treadmill Marathon in a Pub and the first-ever marathon on the tiny island of Ynys Enlli off the North Wales coast in the Irish Sea! 

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alice morrison

Scottish adventurer, tv presenter and author

She carries out expeditions and explorations in Africa and the Middle East and speaks a number of local languages including Arabic. She is also an ultra runner and has completed the Marathon Des Sables and the Everest Trail Race Ultra.

Her adventures include cycling 12,500km from Cairo to Cape Town in the longest bike race on earth, the Tour D’Afrique, and becoming the first woman to walk the length of the Draa River in Morocco – 1,500km across the wilderness. 

Alice shared a tent with RBR’s founder, Rochelle, during the Trans-Atlas ultra marathon and was impressed by her holistic approach to running and fitness and her dedication, “Rochelle really wants to help others achieve their goals, and she has the experience and resources to do it.”

Alice’s latest adventure is to walk 2000km across the Sahara, investigating the effects of climate change.

You can connect with Alice on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Podcast.

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