Massage Therapist and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Coach PG. Cert CHP, CNHC Registered

Based in Ascot, Berkshire

Monday – Wednesday
(evening appointments available)

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Full body relaxation massage is a combination of massage techniques using essential oils to assist with feelings of anxiety/depression helping you to unwind and relax from the general stresses of everyday life.

 60 minutes £65.00

oncology massage


The importance of touch during cancer treatment can be extremely powerful, helping to encourage a sense of calm for even the shortest amount of time. This is a very gentle treatment to aid relaxation and ease feelings of mild to moderate anxiety and depression.

60 minutes £45.00

massage thereapy


For those experiencing chronic pain either because of musculoskeletal issues or common unhelpful emotional thoughts. This treatment is ideal for the management of ongoing causes of chronic pain.

30 minutes £35.00



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Rochelle Bell, hereafter referred to as ‘The Therapist’ provides massage therapy and emotional support in a variety of forms, but none of these services are a substitute for professional medical care or counselling. The Therapist will not diagnose, prescribe medication or medical treatment of any kind and will always recommend referral to a GP or other qualified medical specialist or practitioner.

The client has a duty to provide accurate and true medical and personal information, to the best of their knowledge, and to keep the Therapist to date with details of any medication, symptoms, medical concerns or treatments they are having investigated or undergone treatment for.

The Therapist may refuse to treat any client or part of their body with just and reasonable cause and reserves the right to terminate any appointment at any time if they believe that it is not safe or in the client’s best interest to continue.

Likewise, the client has the right to refuse, modify or terminate treatment at any time, regardless of prior consent given.