Some of my favourite products that I would love to share with you

Edible Products

Bnutz Peanut Butter

Organ Support Supplements

Carnivore diet, Keto diet and Paleo diet approved supplement tablets. Natural and highly bioavailable vitamin and minerals in a sugar-free gelatin tablet.

Bnutz Peanut Butter

HUNTER & Gather mayocado

Paleo & Keto Diet approved mayonnaise made with 100% avocado oil, which is rapeseed (canola oil) free, seed oil-free, vegetable oil-free, sugar-free and grain-free. 

Bnutz Peanut Butter

HUNTER & Gather Avocado oil

A Great Taste Gold 1 star award-winning Avocado Oil made with the finest Hass avocados. Pesticide-free handpicked and sorted avocados – utilising wonky and otherwise discarded fruit.

Bnutz Peanut Butter


BNUTZ premium nut butters are authentic, innovative and vegan-friendly. Guaranteeing all ingredients are sustainably sourced and all jars are free from additives, preservatives and palm oil. BNUTZ ensure that their jars and packaging used are recyclable. 

Bnutz Peanut Butter

Jakes Boost Nut Butters

This spread will make your taste buds dance- it’s like no other nut butter you have ever tasted. 6 nuts & 4 seeds in one jar! Complex flavours with an earthiness from the seeds and extra crunch from roughly chopped premium nuts make Jake’s Boost Superboost a perfect match for smoothies and porridge but also as an ingredient in savoury dishes like a stir-fry and your favourite cake. It might even give you superpowers…. 

Bnutz Peanut Butter

Jakes Boost Gift Set

Perfect for the nut-butter lover in your life… A gift box selection of 4 delicious Award winning now 100% certified organic Nut & Seed Butters, each 175g.

Super Boost, Cacao Boost, Tiger Boost and our latest Banana Boost for you to give to your friends and family as a present or just keep them all for yourself.

The gift box also contains a beautiful hand made Coconut wood spoon.

Wellness Products

Bnutz Peanut Butter

GEm Voyager Luxury Candles

A selection of candles and diffusers created in scents inspired by jewels to energise, uplift or calm your mind.  Fragrances included Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Jade and Pearl. Each designed to evoke a different mood and atmosphere.

Bnutz Peanut Butter

Jakes Boost Nutty Candles

Using organic soy and rapeseed wax and a secret blend of all-natural botanicals these candles encapsulate the flavours of a freshly baked pecan pie and a newly opened jar of peanut butter just before your stick your spoon in – both so good you wish you could eat them!

Burn time each: 50-60 hours

Running Products

Bnutz Peanut Butter


These ingenious socks are anatomically designed to your foot, and the five-toe sleeve design allows your toes to splay naturally and align correctly, enabling greater stability and more comfort. These beautifully designed socks have built-in blister protection and moisture management. Check out their amazing range: 

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