Your privacy is important, details of what, why and how we collect data are below for your reference

Data Collection


Our website only collects the personal information which you have submitted through the website contact and new user forms and does not collect personal information through any other methods.


Google Analytics is installed on our website which collects statistical information based on your website activity.
Statistical information does not include any information that identifies you as an individual or your exact location.

For a more detailed explanation, click here to navigate to the relevant Google web page.

Google Analytics uses cookie technology to collect statistical information.
For more details about the cookies Google Analytics uses, see the cookies section on this page.

Data Storage


The personal information submitted through the contact and user forms is stored in the website database.


The statistical information which is collected by Google Analytics is stored externally on Google servers.
For more information on how Google processes this statistical information click here.



Any personal information collected by the contact and user forms is only used to optimise direct communication with you and to identify you as a site user for the purpose of commenting on blog posts.
Your personal information is never shared, sold or disclosed to third parties and always remains with us.


For more information on how Google shares the statistical information collected on our website click here.


The personal information collected by our website is never used for advertising purposes.  Currently, no third parties advertise products or services on our website.

However, as you navigate our website you will find links to external websites which have been setup by some of our website sponsors.


Our website uses Google Analytics and WordPress cookies.

Google Analytics

As mentioned, Google Analytics collects statistical information about your website activity using cookie technology.
To understand the different types of cookies Google uses please click here.

The names of the cookies on our website, used by Google Analytics are _ga, _gat, _gid

To understand the specific purpose of each cookie please click here.


Our website has been built on the WordPress platform.

WordPress is an open-source content management system (CMS) which aims to improve the process of administrating a website, as well as provide an easier way to extend website functionality. For more information on WordPress click here.

WordPress also uses cookies on our website so that certain parts of WordPress functionality can operate effectively.

To understand the specific purpose of each cookie please read the WordPress cookie policy.

Limitation Liability

Please see the terms & disclaimer page on our website.